Sunday, February 28, 2010

St Jude's Fund Raising Opportunity

It has been a long winter in MN, typically this time of year we are tuning into just about any fishing show and dreaming about the next time we can cast a line. Well, in MN, the ice usually goes off in mid April, so we have plenty of time to dream. One of the greatest events to start the year is the Dick Hiley / St. Jude Classic. St Jude Children's Research Hospital has open doors to advanced treatments of catastrophic diseases in children. Back in 1962 the five year survival rate of a cancer patient averaged less than 15%, today because of organizations like St Jude, it is well over 80%.

Please help the anglers of MN contribute to St Jude, you can do this by going to and clicking on Donate.

Hooked on Fishing,