Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fishing MI

Just an update on Lake MI, light winds today, 10+ produced 4 foot rollers at times. The fish seem to be in transition with no great patterns for me. Tomorrow is a rain day, I will fish little bay and go out to big bay Monday. Little Bay is 40,000 acreas or so, plenty of water for smallmouth to hide and roam.

Goal, catch fish and have far one goal is met, one to go.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

St Jude's Fund Raising Opportunity

It has been a long winter in MN, typically this time of year we are tuning into just about any fishing show and dreaming about the next time we can cast a line. Well, in MN, the ice usually goes off in mid April, so we have plenty of time to dream. One of the greatest events to start the year is the Dick Hiley / St. Jude Classic. St Jude Children's Research Hospital has open doors to advanced treatments of catastrophic diseases in children. Back in 1962 the five year survival rate of a cancer patient averaged less than 15%, today because of organizations like St Jude, it is well over 80%.

Please help the anglers of MN contribute to St Jude, you can do this by going to and clicking on Donate.

Hooked on Fishing,


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fishing is in the air

Took a walk with my lovely bride tonight down to the dam. The water is flowing nicely and you can literally smell the fish running upstream. Opening of fishing is this weekend and there will be plenty of anglers trying this area. You best bet for this weekend is to fish crappies, they are coming in to feed "big time." I am sure there will be a few nice walleyes caught as well, this is time of year that I will actually fish for white-tails. Fresh fish on the grill is so good, nothing compares. Good luck, take a kid fishing...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

60 Degrees and the ice is melting

It is quickly changing from a winter wonderland into spring...the ice will be out in a week. Had to cancel the first tournament, not by plan, so maybe it is time to chase crappies.